Political Prisoner by Fadhil Al Azzawi

Fadhil al-Azzawi is an Iraqi writer and poet. Born in 1940 in Kirkuk, he published poems at the tender age of 15, the publishers oblivious that he was still school boy. What started as a fascination with the rhythmic recitation of Qur’an, developed into successful talent in writing, poetry and criticism. Al-Azzawi has published eight … More Political Prisoner by Fadhil Al Azzawi

The Mihrāb or Prayer-niche

Titus Burckhardt describes the mihrāb as ‘indisputably a creation of sacred art’, an area in every masjid which indicates the qibla, or direction of the Kāba in Makkah. Art historians believe this element was introduced into masjid architecture during the Umayyad caliph al-Walīd, it’s probable the design replaced a simplified door form, indicating the direction of … More The Mihrāb or Prayer-niche